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ive seen dawn of the dead, all the old return of the living dead, got all the evil dead films and ive got shaun of the dead too, ive just bought land of the dead, never seen it before, has anyone else?is it any good?anyone else a fan of these films?dont spoil it for me!

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I thought the Dawn of the Dead remake was the best , bit like 28 days later with much faster scarier zombies and an alltogther more brutal film .


Thought Land of the Dead would have been the same but it was re-made like the originals with cr@ppy slow comedy zombies so wasnt impresssed .


If you like zombie films and havent seen it anyone then watch 28 days later , possibly the best zombie film of all time especially with the deserted London beginning , it looks fookin freaky .

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how much do you play the game Everton lad? i dont know whether this goes for anyone else but with me being an avid player/fan of the series, im absolutely adamant that the res films are shit, but thats just my opinion :D



Ditto my friend .


Resi 4 was the best without a doubt especially the over the shoulder viewpoint .


Thinking about getting a PS3 next year for Resi 5 alone .

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