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  1. Sky sports just said that the west ham midfielder just had his release clause met. From an English premiership team
  2. Sky sports saying going to Everton for medixal
  3. Bbc sport saying he might still leave as a defender they were trying to sell has fallen through and they need the money
  4. Still hoping but beer is empty and pub is kicking out so might have to go home
  5. Yeah 1 or 2 more none leaving (apart from maybe couple youngsters on loan and be happy for once at end of transfer window
  6. It's on everton website we agreed a fee
  7. Everton didn't confirm that a fee had been agreeed for Niang did they? Hopefully not the last today
  8. Sky sports (in the spl part of the white bar) say that Dundee happy to sell if £2m fee is met
  9. Yeah that is my worry as well but as other people said hopefully building a squad to cover for injuries
  10. Offered for him according to sky by his parent club confirming. Not said if accepted
  11. Round has said they still hoping to add more players as a bit thin but if don't they happy with squad they good. I read that as will keep saying looking then after window closes will say we tried but couldn't get any more
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