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My Rant At The So Called Electrical Superstores


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well my experience is:


me and me dad went to a currys superstore for a wireless phone. me dad asked an assistant that he wanted a cheap but reliable wireless wireless phone. the assistant found a 2 piece set for 39.99 which we thought was a bargain as we only wanted 1 piece but we thought we could have one in the lounge to save time.


anyway we went to the till. they put it through and it said it was 64.99. we said it was 39.99 and the till person wanted me to show him where we got it. he then said that it was the wrong phone we got even though i said that an assistant showed us the phone not us. me dad was furious and asked the manager to come along. after 10 mins the manager turned up.


me dad told him the story and showed him where the phone was. and the manager said 'you must have swapped the signs because this has never been 39.99 and will never be'. we said that the assistant chose the phone not us. we found the assistant and he claimed never to have served us. so the manager asked us to explain ourselves. me dad shouted at the top his voice


'iam not a fucking liar you twat. sort this place out' and stormed out



anyone got any similar experiences

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Not exactly the same but a few years back I was in Middlesbrough and got accused of stealing in the Comet there. I got stopped just before leaving the place and they asked me to go in a room at the back. I made a big commotion sayin they stopped me because of the scouse accent, shouted at them but all that got me was for the police to come a little quicker.


Anyway, after about 30 mins of them searchin me the manager reluctantly agreed to let me go, he wanted the police to search my car sayin I must have put it in there even though I didn't leave the shop. The police walked me out of the shop as if I was guilty (loads of people watchin me) led me to my car and as I was about to leave I thought what the hell am I doin so went back in and demanded an apology from the manager who accused me. He was still adamant that I stole something so wouldn't apologise. Still not got one to this date even after numerous letters of complaints.

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hehe may mate and i got a woman fired from a local argos for a series of experiences.


first one was similar to yours trueblue. we got some things from argos for our young enterprise. and as we were walking out she accused us of stealing summit. dunno why coz she served us. she said that we should prove that we bought all of the items we had in our bag. we did that but again she was adamant that we had stolen something. the security came along and searched our schoolbags nothing found.


the manager then came to see what was going on. the woman explained what happened. and the manager asked her why she thought this. she said that long haired one (me) hes got a black hoody on and his mate just looks suspicious.


i got really pissed off and then had a go at her. and all she said was 'im not being paid enough to listen to this'. we eventually gave up and left.





the second time was when my and me mate bought a flat pack filing cabinet. again for our young enterprise. but it wasnt very good. the holes didnt fit we didnt have enough parts etc. so we decided to give it back. on returning it we encountered the same woman. now i wasnt wearing a hoody this time so she had no excuse. we returned it in the best possible condition we could and provided a reciept. she then said that she couldnt accept it as it 'wasnt in a sellable condition'


we just had a go at her again. that meant she intended that a faulty good was to be sold again. and that we didnt know it was faulty until we opened the packet. she just said to us once again ' im not being payed enough to listen to you'. i then piped and shouted at her. listen i only get 3.67 an hour and i provide the best service i can. you probably get 3 times that amount and you dont provide any service at all.


once again the manager came down and at this time me mate was on the phone to argos head office to complain. the woman was sent on her lunch break so the manager could talk to us calmly he just simply said hell return the faulty good the the wholesaler and he will refund us for the item. simple but the bitch used her discrimination against young people.


any way i was in tesco the other day getting celebrations for me class as it was last day and she was there serving me on the till and once again she had to make a meal of it. saying that i got her sacked blah blah blah. i jus told her to fuck off and went to the next till.

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typical. I think that unless it is advertised, usually in writing, you do not really have a leg to stand on - however it would be nice to think that most electrical superstores would honor their employee's error as, well, the customer is supposidly always right.


Shopping online is definately the way forward though in my opinion. You usually get a discount (as you are not paying the wage of some f*ckwit like in your experience) and you are covered by your credit/debit card if it fails to turn up. This time of year, the electrical superstores do hire a load of retards over the christmas and new year period - seemingly to just annoy and piss off potential customers.



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Had an exchange prob with a large elct retailer a cple back.


Had receipt, had warranty had the defective product.


They baulked & wouldnt exchnage coz I didnt have the original BOX...!!!


A few Fuk you's fixed that, but 4 a while I didnt think they were going to budge.

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Yeah they normally do need the original box, just because if they fix it they can re-sell it on their shelves (although they do say it is a fixed faulty product and its normally cheaper). When I worked in a Currys once in Leeds, only for a few months though, but the amount of people who bring stuff back and claim its broke is staggering. Most of the time they are genuine but one guy claimed that his new ipod wouldn't work. There was one of the corners with a little dent, probably caused by dropping it, but luckily for him I was in a good mood (and the fact there was a fault with most ipods) so I just exchanged it and he was happy. But a lot of people drop them and claim it suddenly stopped working.


The best thing tho, as I was in the customer service department testing (basically pluggin it in a socket and if it doesn't work pack it up for the engineer, easiest job of my life) all the 'broken' equipment, when I had to work on the floor selling things I never worked on commission so I'd be truthful as hell, even telling a bloke he could probably get a £1499 laptop cheaper in Comet which was a 2 min walk from where we were.

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