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Lets hope they nail the little fucker to the wall.




I really love the way they go on about how much of a nice bloke he is, check this out.


While Emre, who coincidentally snubbed Everton to join Newcastle for 3.8 million pounds ($7.5 million) in July 2005, has a reputation for being mild-mannered and likeable off the pitch, he is no stranger to controversy on it.


' Last month, he was involved in a touchline row with Wally Downes, the Reading coach, during Newcastle's 3-2 win at St James' Park. Glenn Roeder, the Newcastle manager, said that Emre had been �upset� by something Downes had said to him, although Steve Coppell, the Reading manager, offered a different take on the matter, claiming that the Turkey midfield player had called Downes �puttana,� the Italian word for whore.


�Wally has been reported as saying �What the f****** hell's going on?' That's all he said,� Coppell said. �There was no personal slur, there was nothing, yet for whatever reason their player [Emre] was angry about it.


�He swore at our people, in Italian for some reason, not knowing our goalkeeping coach is Italian.�


In February last year, Emre was given a six-match international ban -- later reduced to four games on appeal -- and fined 15,000 Swiss francs (about $12,300) for his part in the post-match brawl that blighted Turkey's 2006 World Cup qualifying match against Switzerland the previous November. '


Lets just call a spade a spade, he's a jumped up dirty little racist scumbag.


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For a team which wears black and white...it appears that their players remain the most racist amongst the Prem.


It was not too long ago that a certain incident between Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer was a headline. Amazing.


If found to be true, and I have no reason to doubt either Tim Howard or Joleon Lescott, I hope that the FA throw the book, and the bookshelf for that matter, at Emre Belozoglu.


For me, there is no space for racism, whether it associated on the field with players, or off it with supporters or any other person. Its well out of order.


All credit to Tim and Joleon for sticking to their guns and reporting this on paper!

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