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Italy - Matches Stopped

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looks like Italy are falling apart. with the rioting going on after matches and stuff heres what the players association president has said...





Italian players' association president Sergio Campana has called for the suspension of football for up to a year in a bid to tackle hooliganism.


The FIGC announced an immediate suspension of all domestic and international football just hours after a policeman was killed during fighting between Catania and Palermo fans at the Sicilian derby.


Campana said: "FIGC commissioner, Luca Pancalli, called me and I was in total agreement with the suspension.


"But I wanted my proposal taken seriously that soccer should stop for a year in order to reflect on the evils that exist."


The FIGC have not said how long the suspension will remain in place but this weekend's domestic fixtures and both the senior and Under 21 internationals will not be played.


Campana also believes Italy should follow the example set by England in stamping out violence in football and insists a one-game suspension is not enough.


"A one-day postponement is not enough. There have been two deaths in a week in Italian football.


"If in England they've managed to beat every type of violence, I see no reason why we can't do the same.


"In England you see teams that have been relegated and applauded by their fans, here our players are hit because they lose one game.


"The culture must change. This time we can not allow it to go on. It's time to reflect, we can not lose life for absurd reasons."

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italys had a massive undercurrent of violence either way from what i understand,really it was just a matter of time before something like this happened anywhere though,tbh i really dont see what suspending the games for a couple of days/weeks/months is going to deter this from happening again

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Itsn not the first time people have lost lives in Italy. Its full of nutters, especially all those 'ultras', just crazy. remeber a couple of years ago Inter fans got a a little styupid and somehow got a scooter in the stadium and tried to throw it off one of the tiers. They ended up getting suspended from playin at San Siro (Guiseepe Meazza)

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