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Are You Happy With How Everton Is Being Run?



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  1. 1. Are you happy with how Everton is being run?

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Just a general question..


If there is an aspect of the club you are unhappy with or you'd suggest an improvement.. please post it in here.. this is not an excuse for personal slurs on people who run or are part of the club.. please be constructive if you have any criticisms or suggestions. I think this could make an interesting debate.


I'll start and reel off some suggestions from the top of my head on what I would like to see in the future.. And remember folks, it's just for fun!



I don't think EvertonTV is being used to it's full potential. The EvertonTV website could have a version for a mobile phone so that you could watch the videos on your phone after downloading them using your username and password. It wouldn't be too difficult to set up a mobile phone version of the site. Also the major phone manufacturers are currently negotiating a deal over the use of DRM (Digital Rights Management) - this is the encoding that is used on EvertonTV to stop people sharing the videos with other people over the internet.


Also the same for xbox 360 and ps3 when it comes. These probably won't be as popular but it would be good to cater for all needs. As the capacity on the xbox 360 and ps3 is much greater you could download full matches or highlights to your console and watch them on demand on full screen tv - possibly in HD if bandwidth and diskspace allows it.


Ticket Prices


It's a shame that prices have to be so high now in order for the club to compete. This is main reason why many fans don't go to matches. I still maintain that there should be a pricing tier between child and adult the price doubles as soon as you hit 16. Perhaps ages 16-21 or a student price tier should be introduced.


Goodison Currency


You all know my thoughts on 'Evertonopoly Money' (patent pending :) )


Everton Museum


Im with SteveO on this one.. I'd like to see a EFC museum cum Trophy Room.. what good is spending £800,000 on a collection that no one will see in the confines of a record office. Unfortunately for us it's very unlikely when you consider that the National Football Museum is losing money hands over fist.


Missed opportunities:


Finch Farm Academy


I think the club are missing a trick not calling it the "school of science", I really do. As I said to someone on here the definition of an academy is "an institution for the advancement of art or science or literature" and when you consider Derby and England's comments on Everton "They always manage to serve up football of the highest scientific order." it is very apt.


Duncan Ferguson Memorabilia


I was surprised to see no Fergie merchandise in the club shop - ebay sellers have cottoned onto this and are selling Duncan Ferguson dvd's, apparently it has all his everton goals, cards and an interview from inside prison. This would have sold like the proverbial hotcake if the club had thought of it first.


I read on another website than the clubs PR Man asked ebay to remove the listings as they had something similar in the pipeline... still waiting.



Where the club deserves a pat on the back:


Goodison Park Banners


It is very touching to see the clubs honour its fans on the banners at Goodison who have passed away. I don't know of any other club who do it.


I remember when a guy died on route to an away game at Leicester in windy conditions and David Moyes and Alan Irvine attended his funeral. The club rarely gets the credit they deserve when it comes to honouring fans who have unfortunately passed away.

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I wonder if we will ever be happy ? Like some Chelsea fan's arent happy etc


Good shout on academy.


Museum - Is a must have regardless of profit or loss. ( we carry enough dead wood as it is - surely we can carry our history?)


EFC-TV I havent bit the bullet yet - Though old men in drab suits usually scoff @ infotech as a fleeting fad - WRONG.


Ticket's Dont think will ever see prices go backwards - Not an Everton thing just a gen social & business thing.


Memorbilia I no we are the saps, but we should be milked for all we are worth. Give us decent things to spend on & you no what? WE WILL.


( ive had a CULT clothes wear label in mind, again milking the likes of Dunc old heroes etc in to a modern trendy street cred brand of clothing knowna s Cultwarez - 1878 .


On the fan's honour list, an uncle passed on about 3 or 4 ago now.


Life long Blue, Ticket holder for decade's, did some un heralded charity work etc & was a pretty well known local cabbie for decades also.


To our whole families shock yet sheer jubilation, come the funeral - the most beautifull huge bunch of dressed up flowers & a sincere official club condolence card/message was recieved @ the funeral from Everton Football Club.


We were all & are still very impressed.

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