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Kirkby Here We Come


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According to TESCO boss Terry Leahy EVERTON have no alternative but to move to Kirkby. (Liverpool Echo website March 16).


He said "it is not possible to stay at Goodison"

AND "One day Goodison will fall down and we have to plan for that day".


Sounds more and more like a done deal to me.

AT LEAST HE SAID that any move would have to have the fans approval, saying

"“The case is to be put to the fans, I’m sure when they get to see the plans they will see it as a tremendous opportunity”.


Basically they are going to try and brainwash Evertonians over the next year in the hope that we'll change our minds.


Bollocks is all I can add. I'm not against a move but am one of the majority who believes we should stay in the City of Liverpool. SAY NO TO KIRKBY. And dont ever let them BRAINWASH you.

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The PR machine will be full steam ahead from now on wont it


I think I ve already been brainwashed, because I was dead against it, but Im now coming round to it, see one of the other stadim/kirkby/move threads for my ather opinions


I'll probably change my mind next week if BK comes out with some luvvy crap

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