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Hello Europe ! Hello Kenwright...!


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First of all CONGRATS to the blues! We made it to Europe with paper thin squad. All credits to Moyes and the players obviously....

Since we are in Europe for the second time in three years, it means we are moving in the right direction. Having said that, we can end up in the wrong direction if BK fails to bring out his cheque book just like what happend to us a season ago.... We need investments and we need good players and we need to increase the squad size...So Mr.BK do his club a favour, show us your worth for Moyes and the players have shown us their worth this season.....


*Juts a ponder, the refree league agreed that out of 10 incidencts, 8 was a sure penalty which was not given to us. Assuming 50% of of those penalties could have won us the game (ie 4 more games), it means 4X3=12 points.....eeerrm with our current 57 points plus a possibe of 12 points means we could have 69 points! it also means we are third and have done better than the red shites to be in the 3rd position......!!! phew!!! wish luck is on our side next season as well...!!



For the rest of blue fans...what are your aspirations and visions for next season? From success to players you want to see in here, write that down in here. Keep it realistic and not far fetch.....


For a start i would like to see Fenandes on permanent deal and one more creative midfield STAR in our team and hopefully some reputated players. I do not mind players from the lower league, but since we are playing in Europe i doubt many have the capacity to live up to big games.That is why we need some experienced players...some real characters (not Joey Barton like) who can instill flairs, attack minded and never say die attitute in the team...We should learn to play full 90 miutes of footbal....not like saturday where we played for only 45Minutes (First half was horrible) and hopefully we do play 90 minutes as i said and not switch off the engine after 45 miutes like we did many times this season (Does that mean Moyes need to focus on stamina now?) ....what do you guys see we need and will be next season?





Here we come EUROPE!!!

Cheers all!

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Reckon quality cover all over the pitch is a priority:


If Howards injured/suspended do we have a proven 2nd keeper (not really tho i have hope for turner/ruddy)

Hibbert - No cover really apart from Pip/Joey?? but Hibbert has looked shaky to me and i'd look for a new RB with TH as cover.

Valente - Suppose Naysmith does an ok job but again could do with better cover (and ship out Pistone). Lescotts been a revelation there but should be kept at CB???

Jobo & Lescott - Only Stubbs who can cover so defo need one top CB signing.

Cahill/Neville/Arteta/(Fernandes)/Osman/McFadden/Carsley/(VDM??) - reckon just one top signing will do in addition to fernandes and can see VDM goin so try to get a winger in.

Johnson/Vaughan/Vic/BT - BT has to go which l;eaves us a little light up front unless McFad can impress. Reckon again, one quality signing should do but maybe look at another from a lower lg team too to keep em all fightin for places (ie scoring!).


If we can manage gettin decent cover, the domestic league form shouldn't suffer.

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