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January Signings

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Reckon we need a central midfield and a striker for certain.


Mentioned candidates include :


Chris Sutton

David Nugent

Andy Johnson

Robbie Keane

Thomas Gravesen

Sean Davis


Assuming 5 mill to spend - who would you go for ??


My bets would be on Nugent and Gravesen with Davis as Moyes' fallnback if Tommy goes to the Mancs.




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Agree with both replies...


In the summer, despite having european football to offer and a side that appeared to be on the up, not to mention the funds available to spend, we were unable to attract any top-rated names, being continually overlooked in favour of other clubs --- given our current state, I can only see sutton, nugent or davis considering joining us...


nugent -- a youngster who is pretty well rated, but still largely untested (he's only played 30-odd games for preston, the rest were with bury in league 2)....for 1mn or less, he'd be worth a go


sutton -- almost 33 years old and WELL past his best - at best he would have a kevin campbell type-impact before quickly becoming yet another liability to the squad


sean davis -- not sure about our current spurs cast-off, should we really be going for another one?


Johnson -- given he's just back from injury and palace look good for a play-off spot I don't see him leaving before the end of the season UNLESS he still reckons a move to a premiership side will help his england chances...also can't see him being sold for less than 5-7 million


keane -- at the start of the season maybe...LESS THAN ZERO CHANCE NOW...he's a regular for spurs again (unlike last season), and in great form for a club who genuinely look like becoming a regular top-6 side -- and again, if he for some reason, did leave, he would NOT chose EFC as his new side (I reckon he'd do well in italy or spain)


gravesen -- more than anyone else I would love him to return...I was very upset when he left (despite many on here saying it wasn't a big deal cos he was never consistent for us before last season and was only playing for a big money move!!!)...unfortunately despite our 1st-option clause to buy him back, I'm not convinced we can afford him or his wages anymore --- the reported interest from man utd and man city does nothing to increase the chances which must be very slim...

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