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Millwall Violence


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Anybody else on County road last night when it all kicked off...?


Got to hand it to the Police for sorting it out. Top honours to them.

Millwall supporters need to get real - we did them over in 1973 (33 years ago!) and they come only to remind us that they owe us one?!


I sat in the main stand last night and all their fans did was chant at the park end- I dont think that they even watched the game.


It was obvious that trouble was brewing when the police made a section of their fans move further down the bullens to prevent the missile throwing.


Its a joke. Why does anybody in this world want to hurt somebody else?

I hope (Everton fans included) that there is sufficient CCTV available to catch those responsible for causing this violence and ban them from all Football matches in the future.


I do not want violence in football - its not welcome!


I had to go down a one way street the wrong way last night to avoid my car getting bricked or kicked in as the fighting fans ran between the stationary vehicles and police!

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ye they were singing Cahill what a waste of money :lol: then he scored. as for the violence well i never heard about 73 till yesterday. so i know why my dad said erm nah i dnt feel like going :rolleyes: if anyone could shed light on a dark part of our past, do tell.


when the millwalls fans ran towards the far right of the Bullens they started doing it bring it on, so some idiot or maybe some drunk fan, threw a bottle into them so the police moved in and pushed them back, though it did lead to a funny chant of "its for your own protection" by us.


So what happened on County Road? where you able to get home ok?


When we played man u at lunchtime on the opening day it was 1 helicopter after the game, last nite i counted 2.


And Millwall, Get some new Chants. "UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG." like i dunno really cause its an insult to primative beasts to compare them.

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My seat's in the park end right by the away fans and after the game we were littered by coins from the Millwall, the cleaners will have thought it was Christmas this morning. Didn't see any trouble but saw three vans pass us sirens blaring as we got to the Black Horse.


One point i noticed is that the Park End was full of little ninjas screaming abuse at the Millwall fans and shouting things like "I shagged yer Ma/Bird" which I found a bit embarrassing (maybe they had though I dunno) but guess that's what you get when you lower the prices for these games.


At least the pensioners of Norris Green/Walton/Fazakerley etc will have had a terror free night last night so every cloud....

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Guest fozzie22

The truth is,as a verteran of the 70-80s hooliganism it never really went away.


I never looked for violencve but did have to defend myself a couple of times,(and got hurt for my trouble),but thru thr 90's as football became sexy the authorities kept things quiet.


Its sad,but the fucking retards who partake of this little sport should have thier balls cut off and fed to them.


That'd make the gormless bastards think.

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