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Boom, headshot. Heres a list of words to try out, bitches.


die-won't spoil it

shake - jiggly asses

fight - comic

jump - bouncy tits

shoot - the one in the red pants poses solo

workout/grind - similar to shake

drink - drunk slutty white bitches yo

whore - they all flip you off

read - The Sun, how did I guess.

fall - the one in red pants stacks it

herbie - they all get in bikinis and arouse the car. This is a good one.

flash - semi strip from the one on the left

drive/fuck - they get out of my dreams and into the car, then strip and dog it.

dogging/beg - thats right ladies.

schoolgirl/hug - group hug and titrub.

brazillian - the ugly one on the right strips slightly on her own.

tickle/play - they tickle the one in the middle.

anal/penis - oh no no no.

feel/grope - now THATS what I'm talkin 'bout! girl in the middle strips to bra, gets touched up.

superman - wrong as wrong can be.

flap - disco, then the wierdest fucking dancing ever ( David Brent? ).

give head/give birth/give to charity/give * - "In Your Dreams"

stimulate - wet t-shirt contest.

lollypops - all of them enjoy a sucker

suck - replace candy with fingers

pussy - hehehe

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