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  1. Lets play for a clean sheet. Really. I think that should be a realistic, top priority given the form that we are in. COYB!!!
  2. How bout this? Have Rooney be player manager with Big Dunc cussing, screaming, and throwing jabs into the air from the sideline. Could work, no?
  3. All well said!! I became an Everton supporter because of David Moyes and how he ran his team. Loads of character from him, the players, and the atmosphere at Goodison. They looked and acted like real fighters at times. Thats what I believed in!!! A fighting squad. But what are we left with now? A shell, something hollowed out. He had a long tenure at Everton which I also respect. I still feel bad for the guy for how he was treated when he moved over to ManU. Absolutely disrespectful. He was in his element at Everton. He should have never had left, and he probably thinks the same thing from time to time. But now his confidence is completely gone. Like you said: the fans, the media, and the players can really turn a managers working environment hostile. We are human after all, but when the stakes are high the margin for error become razor thin. Who in their right mind takes such a job?? haha. I think Koeman deserves more time. Let him ride this out. How can we as supports expect silverware and glory in such a short amount of time. Patience!!! It's hard to watch at times, but the answer is not a new manager. It will only further our discontinuity. We need to be critical of our manager and the squad the he builds up, but that's it. We are still building. Some pieces will not work and that is his fault, it's his job to fix it. Let him do his job for awhile longer at least
  4. That's what I could hear through the radio feed, but after we conceded the second it was as if all the air was sucked out of the place. I couldn't even hear a rally when 5 minutes of extra time was posted. I can't blame the faithful.....if there's any of those left
  5. Ashley Williams. All we need now is a few more players to show the same passion. Enter Mo Besic!!!
  6. No atmosphere from the sounds of it. Goodison is demoralized.
  7. How much time does he need to adjust?? He's been in the setup since June. Klassen has had plenty of experience in the Europa league which is why I, guess, he's in the squad today. He should be leading the line in these situations, no?? In his defense he's only 24, still youngish, but he needs to improve!
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