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  1. Who wants to be reminded of Nyarko? Lol. Vitesse having financial problems is a new one for me, and seriously doubt it. The Georgian owner is a mate of Abramovic, as said before, and is loaded, tho not as much as his Russian chum. Chelski have too many players for their own good, if you can loan them out to a mate of your's, it seems like a shoe in. I've seem Pliazon play for Vitesse (another chelsea loanee) he looks like quite a talent.
  2. Surprising one this, we have never loaned players abroad before. Other English clubs do it more often, I can remember Chris Eagles (for manure) doing well at NEC Nijmegen. As said before, Chelsea have loaned several players out to Vitesse Arnhem. Pliazon has looked the real Mccoy there. I hope FJ can make progress. I'll be watching, that's if he can get a game.. Don't forget there are 6 Chelsea players there..
  3. Very true, Jelavic and Kone have been toothless in the main this season, so having him is an improvement. We need a goal scorer, he showed last season at the Baggies that he can do that.
  4. Mixed feelings here. It was inevitable Marouane Fellaini was going to leave, as we got twice as much for him as we paid for him. No idea if anything goes to Standard Liege. Leighton Baines is staying, but will he sign a new contract? Or walk out for free? I like the signing of Lukaku, he was good at the Baggies last year. I did see him playing for the Belgian national team the other week. Benteke was more impressive up front, maybe a bad day? Not too keen on paying another lot of money for a Wigan player. Can only hope he'll come good. Would much rather have preferred Fernando. I've never liked Barry much, but City are (allegedly) paying most of his astronomical wages, and maybe he can do a good job, with Gibson being injury prone.
  5. Not happy with only two points out of two games. That said, we haven't played badly, if we keep this up, we should be getting more points. And I hope that's against the top teams too.
  6. I would love to see them working well together.
  7. He's not happy though. Firstly because of not getting to play (or getting a move yet..) And secondly because his place in the Dutch national team looks to have gone. Last year the Feyenoord pairing of Bruno Martins Indi & Stefan de Vrij played in central defence. This season it looks like the PSV duo of Jeffrey Bruma & Karim Rekik (City loanee who's coming good) are to take over. Either way, the chance of him playing in next year's World Cup are slim.
  8. Marca have reported that Madrid are going to buy Gareth Bale for 99m. Spurs were planning to buy Willian with part of that money. It's anyone's guess what happens now.
  9. I thought Fellaini played well, mainly very tidy on the ball, bar a couple of bad passes (straight to a Frenchman), he covered a lot of ground, so you can say say he's in good shape. Was less impressed with Mirallas, especially the one miss. Despite it finishing 0-0, still a good game, the French had several young midfielders start for the first time. Both teams had difficulty in finishing, Belgium looked more dangerous when Benteke came on for Lukaku, if they both overcome this, they can go far in next year's World Cup.
  10. I know, as exciting as it is, his time with us is limited, but I hope it can have a lasting impression. Like improving Ross Barkey's insight for one.
  11. It has to be a home win. I'm coming over for this one, and till now I've only seen us win at home (And lose over here) My brother's coming over as well, he's a Spurs fan, and has (mee too) only seen them win too. Something will have to give.
  12. fast lane


    It was James Vaughan who scored the third goal. And a very good one it was too, with Victor Anichebe lobbing the ball over a defender to put him free diagonally in front of goal. He duly strolled it home. It was Jack Rodwell's debut, as a 16 year old (!), away in an European match. It must have been very humiliating for Louis van Gaal. I made a post about this on NSNO, and mailed it to friends and family. They all thought it was too. I managed to not know what the score was at Wembley on Sunday, and saw an half hour summary on the pay channel I'm subscribed to yesterday at 17.00. Excellent, of course. It was pretty difficult avoiding the score, a mate sent a mail with the heading Everton (it was probably more likely to be good news than bad, but of course I couldn't open it), and in the library in Alkmaar yesterday, I read The Times from front to back (usually I do it the other way around) and stopped at Andy Robson'sexcellent daily Bridge article. I turned over the next page half, and could see Ferguson doing his crazy dance. That looed like being good news too (it was of course when Riley refused to give them the penalty). So all in all very good news, in a very good weekend. Don't think we'll have much of a chance against Chelsea, this time, the 120 minutes at Wembley will have taken a lot out of our players. I'll be very happy with a draw.
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