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  1. The other way you can do it. Is to upload it to You Tube / Google video etc and then post the link on TT somewhere. If you want a links sections thats not a problem
  2. God another one! As if one wasn't enough to worry about Welcome Robbie
  3. The last series was boss. I can;t wait for this to start tonight.
  4. Sign up now. We had well over a 100 people last season and it was good. http://borntobeblue.co.uk/index.php?option...=1453&Itemid=85 Cheers Jon
  5. Thanks you very much. Cheers for the article pat...very nice indeed
  6. It wouldn't be an issue with the site it would a be a local issue with your machine or as you said a patch that was installed. Cheers Jon
  7. Chicken Run Drunk Driver Championship Gundam Wing: Suicide Hero Mars Patrol Drive By Shooting Enjoy
  8. Talk Talk form CPW is the way forward. Trust me the stuff they have planned for the future is good.
  9. The word talented doesn't cover it
  10. Christ ...stubbs as captian whats the world coming too..... Moyes would need his head checking if he gives him the armband, not that i have anything against Big Alan.
  11. That sound like a good trick as he'll want to wear it if it has his name on it.
  12. I agree with you SteveO you have to offer it to BT and if he is happy with number 8 then give it to AJ
  13. I top six finish is what i am aiming for and BT and AJ to hit 25-30 between them
  14. I have added this new section under the misc section I am going to open up a wallpapers section for Born To Be Blue and Toffee Talk soon so if you want to do any on a larger scale feel free and that goes for anyone
  15. Hi Guys and Girls I have added another three Mods to the group to keep the forum in good shape, as licker said we do have standards to maintain Drum role please.... EFCfan2007 GoldfishMemory Mac 1970 They have all been choosen as there was no one else to pick only joking they are all last standing TT members. We to the TT team
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