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Tickets For Aek Athens (Away)

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Alright lads,


Can anyone help me out?


Anyone got any info on where (& how much) to get tickets for this game in Athens?


I'm gonna try & go as my Mrs is half Greek but we both live in London (I'm from the Dingle), we've just looked here& the price quoted is between £148 - 175 say whaaaaaaaa???


Any help / advice greatly appreciated?

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i found out the slow way for the benfica game mate.


ended up getting them in benfica end (right next to away seats).


you need to sign up for the Everton Travel club.




You purchase it once logged into the site for £5.



You then register for tickets...i've not done this before though having joinned too late but do that first bit then have a look.


If your a season ticket or Everton tv member it's free.

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I have mailed drs08 regarding information about tickets and travel to Athens. I reckon our ticket allocation will be about 2,500- 3,000. No arrangements have been made yet though. We are travelling via gatwick, £60 return, with or without tickets. ;)

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