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Where We Were

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Thinking about how things are at the close of 2006. Still got a way to go before we're in our rightful place but I thought I'd take a look back to what we were all saying a year ago.

Think if you looked at a league table for the calendar year of 2006 we'd come out as the fifth or sixth best side in the country which given our financial disadvantage over the others is a reasonable achievement. Not overly bothered by the debt level at the club. Individuals, companies and countries operate with debt all the time...if it's properly structured and your turnover/income can service it then it makes sense a lot of the time....not saying new investment isn't needed, just that it's not something to panic over.


Anyway, like I said, last year...


'toolio' date='Dec 29 2005

i am loyal to Everton have been 4 years and still will be but enuff is enuff and its time for a change thanks moyes but time is up



'Pat' date='Dec 29 2005

Not Happy.



'Ian' date='Dec 29 2005

Nil satis nisi optimum my arse :angry:




'fozzie22' date='Dec 26 2005

Fucking disgraceful..

But no matter everything will be alright if we stick with DM and the boys.. :angry:

Yes i look forward to visiting shitty grounds next season in the championship.



'L_Blue' date='Dec 26 2005

Leaky defense no creation in midfield and strikers who cannot score goals we are truly shite :angry::angry::angry::angry:



'gazjones78' date='Dec 26 2005

Ive stood by Moyes but its sad to say that he has to go now, enoughs enough hes had his chance and hes failed. No excuses the buck stops with him, Kenwright is another thread alltogether!



'Pat' date='Dec 26 2005

Well iv'e gone form "Ho Ho Ho - 2 - Oh No No"...!!!



'rowlo-efc' date='Dec 20 2005

We can put last season behind us now - we dont even need to look at it - we are shit now!



'GoldfishMemory' date='Dec 20 2005

Loosing faith in the current staff even down to the shit tea the tea lady makes (like fookin dishwater)!!!

Sum 1 help us please :(



'Licker' date='Dec 28 2005

I'm not angry, but i am very sad, having to watch the massive club that we are, being reduced to turning out a side, that couldnt beat a sunday league team.

We are being outfought, outrun, outplayed, and the sheer lack of any pride or professionalism running through the whole squad is painfull to watch.



'Zed' date='Dec 29 2005

I dont think we will win and I think Davy will be shown the door soon enough. Time is running out and I dont think he will turn it around, it does pain me to say it, because I like the bloke.



'thebluenose' date='Dec 29 2005

i see it this way.

win: give us a confidence boost

loose: moyes will be sacked



'Mac' date='Jan 12 2006

Late to the party :D .My name is Mac and I live in the north east - wife - 3 kids - life long blue.

Nice to meet you all




'Licker' date='Dec 30 2005

No matter what team he puts out, if we dont win this one the manager must walk.



'mikeo' date='Dec 26 2005

So fucking depressing..don't know what else to say



We're in a hugely better position than we were twelve months back so...


Nil Satis Nisi Optimum




Happy New Year!

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see, i had faith all the way through :P how things change eh,im just glad the team are performing to a stupidly better standard to what they were, and heres to an even better new year at Goodison and beyone, starting with 3 points against city tomorrow!

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^ indeed


however some problems remain as l blue pointed out way back we still havent improved on our midfiled in the creative seense...everywhere else we have, have to assume midfield is next

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I love being an Evertonian, Manure and Chelski when they lose it's the end of the world, for us it's part of loving our club and this game.


We are a family club, no matter where you are based, no club creates passion and debate like ours. If we don't believe we are moving onwards and upwards, what is the point of being a Blue?.


Mike, I am totally with you and your blind optimism.





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'Pat' date='Dec 26 2005

Well iv'e gone form "Ho Ho Ho - 2 - Oh No No"...!!!


Pat's even been singing Here we Go, here we Ho, here we Ho, ho ho ho, ho ho ho, ho ho ho ho. here we Ho, Here We Ho here we Ho....This xmas. :)

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Aye, these are better days alright. A year or so who would ever dream we would be in a position of getting 7 points out of the last 9 & scoring 5 goals while keeping a clean sheet? Reminds me of the real old days - yeah OK so I"M old too!

Anybody remember these --

"We'll fight, fight, fight with all our might , for the boys in the Royal Blue jerseys" - those were the days!

"We're going to win the League - ee,aye addio, we're going to win the league"

I've been out of the loop so long - whatever became of West, Parker, Brown. Gabriel, Harris, Fell, Vernon. Young etc

I read about Brian Labone's recent death - are the others still around do you know?

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