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Sunderland Vs Man Citeh

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From now on, I'm going to do the 'report' in a different manner with individual player ratings etc. to make it easier to read and what not.

Gordon - 6 - Should have dealt with a few crosses but in general the goals weren't his fault.


Chimbonda - 6.5 - Poor first half didn't get involved enough however second half, was one of the few livelier performers, yet to be convinced by him tbh.


Bardsley - 5 - Taken out of the game by a classy SWP, playing left back can't be blamed entirely, once again, gives his all but not quick enough to keep up with SWP.


Nozzer - 7 - Did what he had to do, might well go down to a 6 after I see the goals properly on MOTD but they didn't look his fault, and his distribution was decent.


Collins - 7 - See above


Malbranque - 7 - Went quiet in parts but all in all is a truly excellent footballer, credit to his team, unfortunately, didn't get any much needed luck today.


Leadbitter - 6 - Coped decently but at the end of the day, I don't believe him to be a premiership footballer, hope I'm proved wrong.


Reid - 8 - Man of the match, absaloutely superb footballer and his workrate is bloody amazing, people slate him about his weight but I bet he covers more yards than most premier league footballers, as with Malbranque, credit to his team


Richardson - 6.5 - Very quiet, few moments of class but nothing of note.


Diooooooooooooouf - 6.5 - Good work rate, not enough came off


Cisse - 7 - Moments of absaloute class, clearly got the ability but not enough passing to feet, needs more understanding with the midfielders to really outstand.




Murphy - 3 - Shite


Stokes - 4 - Forgot he was on


Healy - 6 - No real service


Referee - 3 - Worst referee I've ever encountered , the decisions in general didn't cost us, but every fucking thing went to them, disgrace Chris Foy, fucking disgrace.


Citeh fans - 8 - Don't think they sold out and can't blame them after the midweek game if they went there also. Singing 80% of the time


Sunderland Fans - 7 - Kept up with them singing-wise which is good being at home an'all but too many early leavers, can't really blame them, but I'm going to anyway.



Overall I'm still optimistic, and if we play like we did first half with a bit of a cutting edge we'll have no problems against Wigan :)


Citeh ratings :


Hart - 7


Richards - 6

Dunne - 7

Ben Haim- 6.5

Corluka - 7

Ball - 5


Kompany - 6 - Dirty diving cnut

Johnson - 6.5

Hamman - 7


Elano - ?

Ireland - 6

SWP - 8


Jo - 5 - Done fcuk all

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Err, well if you read the other thread I had, it means a few obviously are. Fool


I take it you're referring to your previous report from the Sunderland Vs Liverpool game.


Have you stopped to consider that the only reason anybody was remotely interested, was possibly because it concerned our neighbours Liverpool, ??? We did allow that for that reason only, and feel free to come back and report on the Everton game in the appropriate section.


We dont want you Spamming this site with players markings and reports about a team thats not remotely connected to an Everton site. Take this as a public warning, i have been on other sites and seen what you have done to them with your spamming.


As for being a fool, the only fool here is a new member coming onto a forum and calling the Admin fools.

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Seriously what were you thinking when you signed up for this forum? From what I've seen we welcome non-Evertonians with open arms so long as they actually contribute to the forum. We have had NE's commenting on how the games went for us, Baggies for example made some good contribution when he was discussing the WBA v Everton game as it showed what the game was like in the eyes of a Brom-Fan. We were a little intrested with your other thread because it included Liverpool, but other than that we don't really care how Sunderland do in the league as we know it's going to be in the Bottom 3.

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