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Spirit Of Shankley

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A group calling themselves the Spirit of Shankley are organising a march from Lower Breck Rd to Analfield at 11 o'clock to protest against Gillette and Hicks. If anyone is in the area be on the look out for a bunch of tossers with poorly made signs no doubt heading in the wrong direction


Could someone tell these bunch of losers that the said Shankley spent his retirement not at Mellwood but Belefield, he wasn't welcome at Liverpool, fact, but he enjoyed talking football with Evertonians :lol:

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I think us Blues should join that protest and any that follow!


After all the said Americans have given rafa bucket loads of money, promised a new stadium when the credt crunch eases off!......and have helped luckypool get to the top of the prem!!



YEH RIGHT........Yanks out :huh:



OK!......So they are only top courtesy of injury time strikes, own goals etc,etc....but top they are!



Yanks out!!!!

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That's a very naiive view Blue 250. The Yanks have plunged us into tons of debt and threatened to replace the manager behind his back. They've refused time and again funds for players and have generally brought utter shame to the name.


I got phone call after phone call when Waldorf and Stadler took over from rs mates to the effect that you lot were now untouchable, you are as you stink of debt and long may you do so

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