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One For The Aussies


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I was listening to talksport this morning on the way into work and half heard an interview, they were talking to a bloke about the aussie football season and about a team called Essien???


It wasn't until the end when they said "Well, thanks for your time KEVIN SHEEDY"


What do you guys know about this? Is he their manager

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I heard that Interview also Zed.


(Get to listen to Tsport Brekkie show starts @ 4 in the afternoon my end..lad's @ work thought i was off me head to start playing over PA system @ work via net etc...but now If I get in late ( Bosses perogative) It's already cranking, ive got em all hooked...though the weather reports are always alaff when were dying of heat exhaustion & the radio is saying it is -3 with snow Wild winds & sleet ahead) .


Brazil started the interview with a ooooh you Everton fan's will recall this name & that sweet left foot...


Kevin Sheedy to me seems pretty well the AFL's Taggart, but without the crankiness & is much more media friendly.


Been top man of his club for like 25 yrs or akin & won many cups etc etc.


Bizzare localised sport this one, but weekly attendances of like 80-100,000 says it ahs something goin for it.


Am still working it out my self & would like to go to a game 1 day just to see what its all about live as they play on a pretty huge oval shaped field & you only ever see a bit of the play/action on telly.


I got it real bad my end, the local footy team are named the ROAR...ewwwww & the AFL side the Lions , club song is to the theme of the French national anthem that raises a cringe every time is heard.


looking forward to the Gold Coast's new NRL side next year as seeing I spend half my life down that way ( me womans Crib) & theyre a new club & im a new resident, might give them 5 mins.

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