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Newcastle Tourist Thread


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Theres some fit birds in Newcs city centre Louis, if you go to some of the pubs and clubs in town they walk around with no shirts on, just like the blokes. :).

I can just about put up with the accent coming from the men, but from the women its bloody awful. <_<

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You could go on a guided tour of the Byker Grove set and meet all of the old cast, then at the end of the day be in a massive group photo, would look sweet at home on your mantlepeice


Sounds like av dont it, lol


Never been to Newcastle in my life, ive never heard of anythin famous being in Newcastle so I guess it wont look that different to home


Have fun!!

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Newcastle is known for the pubs/clubs at night-time, so it might be worth checking them out one night. I've not actually been to Newcastle fully, St.James' Park should be a must see, even though I don't like the buggers its supposed to be a real nice stadium. You might want to check out St.Nicholas Catherderal. I'm not religious by any means, but that building looks like it would be nice just to see, so head over there :)


Good Luck with it all, and if its your thing I found this on Wikipedia.


Focused on the Times Square area near the Centre for Life, the "Pink Triangle" is the centre of Newcastle's gay scene and hosts many bars and pubs and two clubs. The community has seen much expansion in the past five years, with further growth planned in the future.




Sorry, I had to :rolleyes:

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