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I just wanted to share my admiration and sympathy for Wigan at the moment.


They share a lot of simiarities with us...


  • they are having a good season and get no credit for it
  • they haven't spent much money
  • they are wll behaved team i.e. not full of drunks and troublemakers


I'd be gutted if I was a Wigan supporter seeing a number of their players leave. Palacios has gone, Valencia looks like he is going to Real Madrid and I bet Zaki won't be there next year.


Its a shame. They have built up a good team and are seeing it dismantled before their eyes.


It would be like us selling Arteta, Cahill and the Yak.

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I don't like Wigan as a club but they are doing quite well this season. They're a joke in terms of fans and attendance but on the football field they seem to be keeping themselves afloat. Steve Bruce seemed to come in at the right time, with the previous manager Chris Hutchings they seemed as secure as a skateboard on a kayak. They are getting themselves into a good swing and I can see them in the Premiership next season. It's just a difficult question to see how long they will stay there, they dont seem to be making good signings whilst the good one's they already have are leaving.


They don't seem to be having a team to last. IMO they're best players are

  • Kirkland
  • Taylor
  • Sharner
  • Zaki
  • Valencia


and all of those could easily be on thier way soon. They've lost Palacious, one of the main men and could be lostin Valencia and Zaki like jofanon said. They just need to start bringing in the right players. Watson just isn't good enough. They're OK for now but in years (or months) to come they could find themselves in a lot of trouble.

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Their latest S American recruit, Rodalgo (?sp) looks as though he might just set the Prem alight, I was very impressed with his cameo début. Why are they able to pick up these lesser S American players yet was ended up with da Silva.


I recall them in the old West Cheshire league, Wigan should be an inspiration to all supporters of lower league football, well done Pie Eaters and keep it up for footballs sake ;)

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I'm quite puzzled by their success this season. Previously Steve Bruce's main accomplishments have been getting promoted then relegated like clockwork, and rivalling the fat waiter in the excuse department. But he seems to have instilled a work ethic and team spirit into a team with, at best, less talent than we had a few years ago (perhaps a lot less).


They look good for 8th place (I think West Ham will pass them quite easily - I suspect getting rid of Bellamy will help the Hammers).

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