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The Medical Team Is (snowed) In!

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Is the fact that huge chucks of the country are under ten feet of snow (none here yet....boo <_< ) going to affect any business today?


East Lancs road should be OK for Jo to sign on the dotted line if it's going to happen, but anyone trying to get somewhere for a medical exam is going to be lucky :) .

Could hamper a few moves....Tottenham, for example, is inaccessable. Keane stuck at Liverpool then...Rafa doesn't rate him and now God hates him too :lol: .

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The transfer deadline has been extended - subject to certain conditions.


The Premier League has announced that it will grant applications from clubs to complete transactions after the 5.00pm deadline providing that:


The Board receives email confirmation from the two Clubs involved (including, for the avoidance of doubt, a foreign club if one is involved) that a deal has been agreed in principle; and

The Club signing the player can satisfy the Board that the prevailing weather conditions have prevented the signing from being completed by the 5.00pm deadline.

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