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I sense sarcasm, sure.

Our hospital facilities and better and 'cheaper' than in England. I have a friend (English friend) who came over to Mumbai, from Leicster to have his poor mum treated for kidney failure, here. she's well now.


bbye people. Evertonians, i thought were smarter than this. But they are just bitter.


BTW fozzie, i have a girlfriend.  Maybe, you dont. Too bad...

this place sucks.


so you came back for more :)

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Thank goodness those racist bastards are now relegated. HATE THEM!!


My cousin got stabbed by one of those hooligans. :(



Xavier - do you even know where Millwall is?


How can anyone say that the Indian Health service is better than the NHS?!!? Do you even have a health service - and if so, i bet you have to pay for it and if that is the case - then our Bupa service is a million miles better than the NHS so I doubt yours even comes close...

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Nice recall rowlo.

I left it alone as didnt want another xavier,crouchino,whatever other named used vicitm crying session.


I 2 found it bizzare that Millwall henchemen would end up running a mock in down town Mumbai...I bett he last time Millwall had a gen firm this TT addicted Plastic kopite fella wasnt even born.


Been watching hobbitts become hoollies I rekon's & of course then thinks every 1 must have had a Milwall exp.


I only ever got flogged up once...& that was @ Leicester many, many moon's ago.

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