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Fixtures 2009/2010


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Guest efctaxi

Wow , February hates us lol :lol:


Good ending fixtures though , so if we can still be up there come March , we have a great chance of a good season again .


Everton 4-3 Arsenal :D

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I think I'm pretty happy with that... Arsenal on the first day is obviously gonna be a tough one, but then we don't really meet any top quality opposition until mid-November / mid-December. Hopefully that'll help us also in the Europa league. I'd say Jan-Feb could be our toughest months - you've got the FA cup, Arsenal, Citey, and a good couple of our African players probably heading for the ACN.

Quite happy with the run in and I agree with Taxi that, if we're up there in March, we'll be in a good position for finishing well. Fingers crossed for an injury free season.

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Opening ceremonies for the ACN are on January 10, and the players will probably be required to report a few days early, which means we won't have Pienaar and Yak for our return matches against Arsenal and City, and maybe not for the 3rd and/or 4th rounds of the FA Cup either.


Overall I'm pretty happy with this. I'm a proponent of getting the toughest games out of the way as soon as possible and enjoying the run-in while the teams around you are still sweating, so the fact that we're completely done with all six of the wealthiest clubs by the end of February couldn't have worked out better from that perspective. Jan & Feb are going to be the absolutely critical part of the season, though. The flipside of having a pileup of tough fixtures is that we need to get through those two months with some decent results and our confidence still intact. As long as we do that, we're more than capable of ripping through the rest of that schedule from March onward.


One more thing: I just took a quick look at Arsenal's schedule - if they're the ones that we have to keep within touching distance for 4th place this season, then Jan-Feb becomes even MORE critical. Take a look at this:


Wednesday 27 January

Aston Villa v Arsenal 19:45


Saturday 30 January

Arsenal v Man Utd 15:00


Saturday 06 February

Chelsea v Arsenal 15:00


Tuesday 09 February

Arsenal v Liverpool 15:00


That's a rough stretch, but after 2/9 their run-in is almost as soft as ours...they have Tottenham away and City in April, but that's about it.

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