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Cahill Brace

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Tim Cahill has proven himself to be Japan's nemesis yet again, with the star midfielder scoring twice to give the Socceroos a come-from-behind win at the MCG


A back-post header in the 59th minute followed by a tap-in from a corner 18 minutes later ensured Australia finished qualification for the 2010 World Cup as the top-ranked team in Asia.


It was three years ago that the Everton midfielder stunned Japan with two late goals to seal a 3-1 victory at the World Cup finals in Germany.


Cahill's first goal on Wednesday cancelled out a first-half strike from Japanese defender Tulio Tanaka which ended an astonishing run of clean sheets for the Socceroos.


Australia had played 748 minutes without conceding a World Cup qualifying goal

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Seems even the Asia qualifcation is to easy for Australia, see them in Europe group in 2 years time :)



Yeh the system is so flawed .. they should make world-groups instead of a given number of teams from each continent.


Countries like USA and Australia have to play nothing but shite while good European teams don't get to qualify to the benefit of utter ridiculous football nations such as Trinidad&Tobago .. (yes I'm pissed that Belgium is missing 2 WC's in a row now :P ).


Also, I'm OK with USA and Australia in the WC, they're good enough and they belong there.. but because they play almost nothing but crap (apart from the occasional Japan or Mexico) their FIFA ranking is completely out of whack .. sick of hearing Americans say they're good because FIFA ranks them 14th on the world list thanks to heroic victories over Belize... :suicide_anim: .

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