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Newspaper Weasels


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I didnt want to swear on the topic title hence the name "weasels". Journalists really are the low of the low arent they. Check out todays "what the papers say" topic on the os.




Every article has the same crap as the last.. that lescott is going to be greeted by an "angry backlash" haha what the hell are they talking about? Lescott is still very much an everton player, they all think hes been telling moyes an bill that he wants to leave, and one even says hes put in a transfer request haha. I hate them soo much, and you know what, at the match tonight, anyone who booes him sitting close to me, will be confronted with a few angry words.

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I really hope fans don't boo him. Wouldn't be surprised if some people higher up at Everton hoped fans booed him so they can try and force the transfer and then pass it off as it was what the fans wanted.



Bloody hell thats a bit cynical. (I hope to high heaven you are not right though. But it does sound like the way some of them think doesn't it?)

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