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EvertonTV coming to gaming consoles?


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Coming to an Xbox near you?



I don't care about PS3.. it's not as good :)


hahaha Louis everyone knows Xbox is for cheap ass little girls who wouldnt pay the extra to get a games machine worth having!


good news though, evertontv will be much better in 1080p

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I have both consoles :P


I don't think it'd necessarily be 1080p. In the long-term I'd like it to be but I'd be happy with current quality available on Xbox.

The PS3 is easier for efctv to become compatible with, for the Xbox a new application would need to be made and added to the dashboard.

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I asked EFC's digital media manager "You mentioned possibility of EFCtv on the Xbox 360. Are you hoping to have a standalone app' similar to netflix and sky ? Also, are there any plans to release kits as avatar clothing on consoles and Everton theme packs?"




"Its in our plans. Silverlight's an option for a new portal - but we'll be in the hands of Microsoft in terms of whats possible."

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