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Jose Angel

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I rate Rangel and for £3m we would be getting one of the bargains of the transfer window. He can play in midfield as well as at elft back so brings some additional versatility.

The problem is that i'm not sure that we even have the £3m required to make the purchase. Fingers crossed that something could come out of this though.

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Guest Blue4You

I tend to read the Spanish websites with help from the Babel translator. I press advanced on Google and tick the Spanish language, then type in Jose Angel Everton.


Quite a lot of info on this deal resides there.




Apparently he is available on a years loan, with a fee attatched of £600,000 according to one site, who also report that Wigan are after him too.


The Wigan adds to the Everton in the interest by lateral rojiblanco Jose Angel. Alfredo Martinez, intermediary who takes the subjects of the defense, is in the hope of receiving concrete proposals of the clubs, that are two of the three which they showed interest to take control of the services of the player.


On a possible crossing, Alfredo Martinez maintained several conversations with Alfredo Loved Garci'a, chief of a main directorate of the Sporting. The gijonian club put conditions for the march of Jose Angel, with a crossing appraised in three million Euros, plus other variable incentives based on parties played and possible calls to the selection that would lift the operation until five million.


The gijonian club also values a cession with purchase option. In this case, the incorporation by one season is valued by the gijonian club around 600,000 Euros, having stayed the conditions of a later crossing.


In the case of the Everton, the first contact took place in March. In this case, Marcelino Elena, ex- player of the Sporting, Majorca, Newcastle and Poli Ejido, now agent FIFA, obtained a permission of Alfredo Martinez to present/display a proposal for a crossing of Jose Angel. The ex- player parragués has bonds with English soccer, where he militated like soccer player, ademá of to have been commentator of Spanish Liga in a British and ojeador television channel of the Everton in Spain, reason by which recommended, among others, to lateral rojiblanco.


Although the interest of the Everton cooled off, the contacts later were started again recently, although without presenting/displaying a determined supply, although the set of Liverpool knows the exigencies economic the Sporting.


In the last days the Wigan entered into combat. Marcelino Elena entered contact with club British, although in the last days Eugene presented/displayed Dull with representation of club of Manchester, in that he has four players who represent, with differences between the intermediaries.


The Wigan lacks liquidity now to confront a crossing, whereas the conditions of a cession seem to him high. In the case of the Everton there is a delay compass. Alfredo Martinez does not discard that in the next days some proposal can arrive.


Besides the Wigan and of the Everton, Marcelino Elena it has contacts with another club of the Premier, but, at the moment, it prefers to maintain it privily to avoid that it can have interferences of other agents.


In any case, the key of the operation has the representative of Jose Angel. Alfredo Martinez not has predicted to put in negotiations between clubs, without it worries to him who can take part in representation of the briutánicos clubs or the one of the Sporting, but has predicted to assume the negotiation of the contract of the player.


The interest of the agent of the soccer player is that represented his it has an equipment in which can play, without repeating a campaign like previous, in which its presence in the equipment was testimonial, when Canella only lacked.


Although Jose Angel has the conviction of which he is going to have options of being to title this season, the doubt that has its representative is that Appraised it considers to the one of Rubbing like “a project” and to Canella like “a resisted soccer player”, according to the past said to Monday in Being Gij'on, aspect who Alfredo Martinez valued with certain surprise, as well as the announcement of the Cantabrian technician of which Jose Angel will be like Canella “when the head works to him equal”. The interpretation that it gives is that represented his it begins with disadvantage, reason why would see advisable a crossing. At the moment it waits for a concrete supply of the Premier.


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Guest Blue4You
José Angel can end up in the Premier League. El lateral rojiblanco es pretendido por varios clubs ingleses, aunque el Everton es el que más le ha seguido y el primero que puede hacer llegar una oferta a Mareo. The red and white side is claimed by several English clubs but Everton is the one he has followed and the first that he can convey an offer to Dizziness. El club de Liverpool vio en directo al de Roces el año pasado en varias ocasiones, situación conocida por su agente, el langreano Alfredo Martínez. The Liverpool club was in direct Rods last year on several occasions, a situation known by its agent, the Langreo Alfredo Martinez.


José Angel tiene contrato en vigor hasta junio de 2014 (cuatro años más) y una cláusula de rescisión de 18 millones de euros. José Angel has a contract in force until June 2014 (four years) and a buyout clause of 18 million euros. El hecho de que esté tapado en su progresión por Canella hace que el club gijonés no vea con malos ojos la posibilidad de aceptar un traspaso, siempre que la cantidad ofertada se acerque a la que el Birmingham dio por Míchel --3,5 millones de euros más objetivos-- y los plazos de pago, debidamente avalados, convenzan. The fact that it is covered in its progression by Canella Gijón makes the club with bad eyes can not see the possibility of accepting a transfer, provided that the quantity supplied is closest to the one given by Michel Birmingham - 3.5 million euros more objective - and the time of payment, duly endorsed, to convince.


Hace un mes se habló de que Tottenham, Wigan y Liverpool le seguían, aunque en realidad siempre fue el Everton el equipo más interesado. A month ago there was talk of Tottenham, Wigan and Liverpool followed him, but in reality was always more interested Everton team. La semana pasada el Udinese también contactó con el Sporting, pero José Angel frenó su salida al no estar demasiado convencido de la idoneidad de su marcha al extranjero; él tendrá siempre la última palabra. Last week, Udinese Sporting also contacted, but Jose Angel slowed its output to not be too convinced of the suitability of gone abroad, he will always have the last word.


El Deportivo, tras la marcha de Filipe Luis, también tiene al canterano en su agenda pero José Angel es inaccesible para el club gallego desde el punto de vista económico, salvo que se contemple una cesión por un año. Deportivo, after the departure of Luis Filipe, also has on its agenda the youth squad but Jose Angel is inaccessible to the Galician club from the point of view, unless a transfer is contemplated for a year.

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£3m not $3m mate :P


£3m is about $4.7m.


Don't think we have any money available for transfers at the moment however.

Damn! I tried so hard not write million, but it is just habit now! Pounds, pounds, pounds, pounds. I'm just going to write it till it's habit.

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