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Please Can You Help Me


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Hey guys, I'm really sorry if this isn't allowed or is in the wrong forum, but I'm here as a football fan (albeit not an Everton one) looking for help and in turn you could help the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation which is a great charity that helps cancer sufferers and maybe win yourself a laptop.


This summer I've been taking part in the Alienware Backpacking Challenge (http://www.alienwarechallenge.com ). The premise of the challenge was that four contestants would be given an Alienware m11x Laptop each and they would be set loose on Europe to fend for themselves for 7 weeks and see what they could get up to, all the while blogging about it on the website (my blog can be found here http://alasdair.alienwarechallenge.com )


We all started in Paris, From there I travelled over 7,000 miles in 7 weeks taking in 16 countries along the way. Blogs and pictures of which can be found at the above url.


What I'm asking of you. All I would like for you to do is to vote for me (alasdair) at http://alienwarechallenge.com/news/GLOBAL_POLL-42.html .If you would like to go one further, I would be really appreciative if you could provide me with some names of other websites where I could hunt for more votes.


Whats in it for you? Well if you vote you are entered into a draw for an alienware m11x laptop (the terms and conditions say that the competition closed on the 23/8/10 this is WRONG and it is still open!). Also, if I win I shall be donating £500 to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation which is a charity for cancer sufferers, so you'll get the feeling that you have done your good deed for the day.


Thank you so much for your time and good luck with your season



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