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Rugby League Betting Scandal

Guest Reg Reagan

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Guest Reg Reagan

I got this in an email today and it shows how much corruption there is betting in sports but I do not think this is worse then the pakistani scandal.




the 2 key players involved are;


Ryan Tandy, Aaron Payne (Tandy did give the ball away and when he gave the penalty away, Payne pointed to the posts but Anthony Watts didnt know about the bet and took the quick tap).


Others said to be involved are; Sam Ayoub (who apparently organised it), Hassan Saleh (lives with Tandy) Willie Mason, Ben Roberts, Jonathon Thurston (both involved with Ayoub), and John Elias (we know his history).


but the news today that Sam Ayoub has threatened that if he goes down, he'll be pulling a whole lot of people down with him.


So dont be suprised if the NRL makes this go away very soon. but if their serious about the Independent Commission, this will be the first major investigation they go through.


Besides Ryan Tandy and Ben Roberts, there are no other current Bulldogs players that are involved in this.


Also I heard things in 2009 way before the Tandy incident regarding the Dragons-Bulldogs game in 2009 when the dogs got robbed after Jamal Idris's try was disallowed (apparently massive amounts of money was put on at halftime for the dogs to win the game. apparently they got a call in the video refs box to disallow the try so that the the TAB didnt have to pay back in excess of $500000 in winnings), also a few things concerning Roosters games in 2009 (most notably the last game of the season vs. Cowboys again, when they were up 16-0 at half-time in Fitzgibbons last game and went on to get flogged in the 2nd half. it was something like 16-32 final score. they apparently fixed that too. The rumour is that Mason and a couple of other Roosters players at that time were involved in this.


this is all I know at this stage so stay tuned.




The player in bold is Tim Cahill's cousin and he is involved in this betting scandal.

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Guest Reg Reagan

there is more here...




Apparently the roosters organised a private meeting and were giving people info on how they were gonna fix games. It was all happening at sapphires club owned by none other than Hassan salehs dad.


The bookmaker who was involved in this paid off a $700,000 mortgage in less than 2 months. A bit sus don't you think?



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Guest Reg Reagan

fair enough then... however maybe i should have not posted this...


Bulldogs seek legal advice over website's bettig allegation slur


September 24, 2010


Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs will seek legal advice after a website posted an item alleging six of the club's players were involved in the NRL's match-fixing scandal and two of them faced the sack at the end of the season.


Police are currently investigating claims of irregular betting involving players and player managers, on a North Queensland Cowboys-Bulldogs match last month.


An item in website Crikey.com's Tips and Rumours section claimed "six Bulldogs players and two managers are caught up in the NRL's betting scandal. Two players face the sack at the end of the season."


Bulldogs chief executive Todd Greenberg was quick to dismiss the rumour and said he would consult the club's lawyers about having it removed.


"We'll provide that information to the club's lawyers and we'll seek their advice," Greenberg said.

"There's no substance to it.


"The Bulldogs don't deal in innuendo or speculation. We only deal in fact and that story is not fact and until such time as the police investigation is concluded we won't be making any further comment."


It has been a damaging week for the code as a text message in circulation names a player manager, two former players, a Bulldog and three Cowboys as allegedly being involved in the failed fix attempt.


The Cowboys refused to comment about the inflammatory text message when contacted on Wednesday.


Bookmakers suspended markets on the first scoring play option in the game - traditionally a novelty betting market - after an unusually large amount of money was placed on a Cowboys penalty goal in Townsville.


Bulldogs forward Ryan Tandy lost possession and gave away a penalty in the opening minute of the game, but the Cowboys chose to take a quick tap resulting in a try to Anthony Watts.


Tandy has vehemently denied any involvement in match-fixing.


The NRL enlisted the help of NSW chief racing steward Ray Murrihy detected several unusual betting trends before the matter was referred to police.


It has been reported that a player manager and a former player have been captured on CCTV security footage placing bets on a Cowboys penalty goal as the first scoring play at separate venues, although neither could face sanction from the league.


The NRL has also been forced to deny rumours it is sitting on a report and is ready to take action against the culprits involved after the grand final.


Greenberg, who said he had received the anonymous text message from a few different sources this week, said the latest rumour involving the club was further evidence that there needed to be a quick resolution to the matter.


"I've heard a rumour a day for the last two weeks," he said.

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