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Everton vice-captain and midfield talisman, Mikel Arteta, has provided the foreword to Steve Johnson's history of Everton, which deCoubertin Books will publish next month. In the pages of this official club history is everything anybody could ever want to know about Everton Football Club. From the very first league game against Accrington in 1888 to the last action of the 2009/10 season, Steve Johnson has recorded every detail of the enthralling history of one of English football’s great names.


Combining a lifetime’s love of Everton with his fascination with facts and figures, Johnson has put years of work into producing this encyclopaedic book.


Whether you want to know which teams fell victim to Dixie Dean’s incredible goalscoring feats, who Neville Southall held at bay in his 751 Everton appearances, or simply study the careers of some of the names who made the Club great, this is the ultimate reference book to answer all your questions.


This officially endorsed record of one of English football’s great names includes season-by-season accounts of every campaign since the onset of league football, more than 100 player profiles and a foreword by the Club’s midfield talisman, Mikel Arteta. This is the must-read book for every Evertonian.


Above all, this is a celebration of Everton’s rich and unique history; the definitive account of every minute of every match the Club has ever played.


Foreward written by Mikel Arteta

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Here's another one I came across earlier.. 'Scouting for Moyes' from a former Preston scout




All football clubs have them – scouts. Men (for they are almost always men) who watch teams to check how they play, who watch players to see how good they are. Even in these high tech days of video analysis and Prozone (a system which tells how far each player has run in a game, how many passes and how successful they were etc.) football clubs could not operate without the human element of scouting. Les Padfield, though, is not your typical scout. Not many are published poets! A Londoner, he was a schoolboy footballer of great promise – as he writes, Harry Redknapp, the Spurs manager, used to provide the crosses for him to score when they were schoolboys. He chose though to become a teacher of Physical Education, English and other subjects. He became a scout when, having been persuaded to attend a match at Millwall he meets an old friend, John Sainty, the chief scout at Preston North End. Sainty tells Les that the club’s manager, David Moyes, is looking for a London-based scout. And even though Les moved on to Bolton Wanderers in the Premier League, the title ‘Scouting for Moyes’ was too good to resist. Les tells of the frustrations of the job, the perks – a trip to Nigeria to watch a teenage prodigy who revealed he preferred to study medicine – and the precarious nature of football life. Gary Megson, Bolton’s manager who had also employed Les when he was in charge at West Bromwich Albion and Nottingham Forest, is sacked at the end of 2009. Les also offers the insight of a professional into the world,of football. Surprisingly his views are very often those of an outright fan. His royalties from the book will be donated to Cancer Research.
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Was transferred to Chelsea the year i was born, having helped us to the title in 1939 which we held until 1945/6. (War years)

Played as a guest for Chester 5 times. Scored 23 goals for England in 22 games, one of those greats whose career was interrupted by the War.

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