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Standing At The Match

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You might’ve seen last week that the Football Supporters’ Federation launched a petition as part of our campaign for the introduction of safe standing areas in the top two divisions in England and Wales. If you have not yet signed the petition, and are in favour of a return to standing, please give us 30 seconds of your time visiting the link below. Also tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your work colleagues that you don’t really like but who you put up with anyway. Please help us spread the word.




We know you might think that signing a petition is a bit of a futile gesture, but there is currently a bill going through Parliament which faces its second reading in a little under 3 months time. For the first time the Sports Minister has agreed to look at the evidence on safe standing. We have a short timeframe to gather support and prove that there is a groundswell of opinion behind fans’ choice to stand at football in England and Wales. This is the first time the FSF has petitioned on this issue, and within a week nearly 10,000 fans have already added their voices to our campaign. Please add yours today.


If you’re sceptical, read on below.




* If standing is unsafe, why is it allowed in Leagues One and Two? If it is safe in Leagues One and Two, why is it not safe in the top two divisions? We find the idea that safety is dependent upon the quality of football played on the pitch as absolutely absurd


* The FSF’s Safe Standing Campaign is not just about those who prefer to stand. By giving supporters the choice, everyone benefits. Those who wish to stand can do so, while those who prefer to sit no longer have to worry about having their view blocked. Every week thousands of fans stand in front of their seats for large parts of the game - attempts by the authorities to end this practice have failed. Fans are standing in ever greater numbers, and we think they should be able to do so in safely designed and managed areas where possible.


* The FSF does not propose that the stringent safety standards laid down in the Government’s Green Guide be abolished or weakened in any way, nor are we suggesting that clubs should be forced to provide safe standing areas. Issues around cost and feasibility should be a matter for individual clubs and their fans, not for the government.


* Many opponents to standing mistakenly cite Hillsborough as a reason not to allow its introduction. The disaster was not caused by standing, however; the Taylor Report primarily blamed the failure of police control. It did not ban standing, nor claim it was inherently unsafe.


If you agree with us that fans should have the choice to sit or stand at football, please add your name to the thousands already in favour of safe standing. Now’s the best chance we’ll have to make a difference.



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done, but i disagree with the argument about the difference between the top 2 leagues and bottom 2. Even with standing allowed in the lower leagues, potentially offering more space for spectators, attendances are mostly much lower, therefore less people so less chance of crushes etc. Trying to apply that logic to Old Trafford just isnt realistic in my opinion. Its got nothing to do with the quality of football, its about the amount of people who visit the games are vastly different.



But, on the whole I agree, fans should have the right to say one way or the other. Im not holding my breath though...

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