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Joel Robles

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According to the Mirror Sevilla are interested.




My question is if he's off who would you like to see us bring in? It's a hard one because it's definitely time we began to look for a long term replacement for Tim but it's difficult to get a good keeper to sit on the bench and Tim still has a lot to give!


Personally I like Kasper Schmeichel and he's out of contract this season.

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I don't see it happening. Sevilla has a keeper already (Beto) who has improved greatly during the campaign and they do not spend that much signing keepers.

If I'm not mistaken RM brought Joel here because he is (arguably) developing him into a decent keeper.


I'd take anything in excess of €4m, and I'd get one U-19 or U-21 with more potential.


Who is the agent of Kasper Schmeichel? He must be doing a terrific job, he is the only player playing for lower division clubs that I've seen linked with top clubs like AC Milan.

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If he wants to be a professional footballer, he has to handle the pressure. Training, cup games and his own self confidence must do the rest. Footballers do not usually have problems with confidence issues, the other way around, they are quite egotastic and self-centered.


To be honest I don't see any added value on having a 30+ year old sitting in the bench for 35 games, then they become fed up and want to leave. Howard is ageing, and a smart young keeper will get the nod once he retires/drops his form. Who? We'd better get ready.

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Maybe pressure was the wrong word to use but we have had plenty of young 'next england No.1' keepers over the past 10 years and to be honest none of them have been up to scratch when needed.


Imo it's rare that a keeper finds that consistency that we all expect from them until they are mid 20's and KS is 27 and available on a free!

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