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FIFA Presidency

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The four candidates:


Sepp Blatter (favourite to stay on)

Luis Figo

Ali Bin Al Hussein aka 'Prince Ali'

Michael Van Praag


Both Figo and van Praag want a 40 team World Cup and have promised to increase payments to each FA from $250k to $1m (US) per year.


Prince Ali hasn't said anything of note, but has divided the Asian vote. Approximately half are expected to vote for Sepp Blatter.


The above three were all nominated by European countries.


Blatter hasn't commented on anything but is favourite to stay on as FIFA president.

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Fifa and Blatter in particular are the most corrupt organisation ever to rule in anything. It's so blatantly obvious as well it's embarrassing.


The Quatar saga. All the clubs should get together stand their ground and tell Fifa they are not participating and that's that. Stand firm force Blatter and his bent henchmen out and start afresh.

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