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Amazon Fire Stick


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Just a heads up really to a very handy and potentially money saving little gadget chaps


These sticks work through your HDMI port in your TV and have a power adapter and remote control included or you can download an app for your phone to use as a remote if need be or lost...


All runs through your WIFI and it basically turns your TV into a smart telly but the nifty bit is you can load KODI (new version of XBMC) onto it very easily tutorials are on YouTube and you basically get everything PPV all the football new and old films series xxx etc


They are about £35 at the moment in Argos but have dropped to £25 recently so worth keeping an eye out on the price but for £35 you can basically knock your TV packages right down and save a fair few quid


All legal as it's streamed and no chance of it being blocked etc



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