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Not sure if anyone else saw this but we apparently want Mark Viduka from the Boro for 3million quid??? Ive got to admit this fella is good when he feels like it but never seems to be for for a full season, i hope that DM decides against the idea and buys a striker (even untested at prem level) who will give us more than 20 games a season!! :angry:


What are your thoughts??

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Do you know i never thought of it that way, they could share flights home and have B-B-Q's on the beach at Ainsdale, christ Bluenose you may have hit the nail on the head with that idea :angry:


At least they can swim at Ainsdale and not worry, theyre more likely to find a used tampon than great white in those waters!!!!!

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Excpet the volatile nature of Mr Viduka means he ahs played in teams where his team mates dont talk to him.


He & Kewell were a classic..>Australias 2 best players of the time...& they wouldnt even look @ each other.


Howevr, Pat's been informed this end that Mr Vudka is actually an ok fella...a bit how can ya say this politely? well I dont think ya can...well a bit "THICK" but genuinely opk & most of his team mate probs have been caused by their primodonaness & his Australian casualness.


Further to do..Im told 7r eliably that as a 17yr Old Viduka was being courted by AC Milan & Real Madrid..of which both clubs felt a season or 2 adjustment ina smaller euro leauge would be just the tonic 4 a kid out of australias nat leauge.


So thena deal is struck with hadjuk Split ( I think) @ the insistence of then to be Croatian president. ( marks parents & family were political refugees re located to Australia some yrs back).


Ok, so its going great for younf Mark, scoring goals in Split, life is great.


However, the country was then to break in to "CIVIL" war & yng Vuduka got caught slap bang int he middle of it. Im told associates & family mebers disapered in Yugoslavia..uno allt he behind the red curtain kinda espionage we used to get in the 80's via the Soviet Union.


nonetheless, after also being near killed in a mortor attack..it was felt time to leave. His family wanted him to stay, the Croatians wnated him 2 stay as a symbol type figure...he wanted the fuck out.


He was then to recieve threats on his life, his family & frineds lives.


Them bizzarely further, he was Basically smuggled out of Croatia & in to hiding.


Enter Celtic-However the kids ( & he was just a kid @ the time( Head was severley fuked & his fathers ailing health condition didnt help with him being 25,000 miles form home.


After a wrangle wif fifa & the EU contacts were sorted out etc etc & he was allowed to sign for Celtic...the rest we all pretty well no.


He has alos considred retirement several times @ ages 19, & 22!!!


Good striker, but Pat feels the victim of the child prodigy tag ( he was here) & a victim o9f some truley weird & differeing life circumstances...


Oh yeh I like the Big V...but wouldnt sign him.

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Guest fozzie22
Heard here in Asia that Viduka is gonna sign on for an Australian Local  club. it was not mentioned anywhere that we are intrested in him ...Phew!

Thank god..


Tomas brolin at leeds anyone??


Same thing with this fella,full of talent but a wastril none the less

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