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Referees' chief Keith Hackett has launched a stinging attack on the standard of refereeing from his elite officials in The Premiership so far this season.


Two senior figures have already been demoted to the Football League for their early season blunders, as Hackett looks to instil a selection system for referees similar to that used for players.


Rob Styles (pictured) awarded Liverpool a dubious penalty as they equalised in the 1-1 draw with Sheffield United on Saturday, while Peter Walton was the man who wrongly gave Everton a penalty for handball in their win over Watford when the ball clearly struck Chris Powell's head.


The top flight's mid-week games have thrown up even more controversies, and Hackett is taking a strong approach to the matters.


"Having looked at the replays I've been disappointed with some refereeing decisions. I've already taken action in terms of selection for forthcoming games. The criteria for top level are that these are made on basis of performance," Hackett told the Daily Mail.


"Everyone wants to get off to a good start in a season and referees are no different. You will always get error but in some of the opening games there were clear errors that I can't defend.


"We've spent the summer on thorough preparation. The referees went to an army camp for fitness training and several of them had pre-season friendlies. They shouldn't be rusty or lacking in concentration."


Dermot Gallagher's failure to send-off Manchester City's Ben Thatcher for his violent elbow on Portsmouth's Pedro Mendes was compounded by his showing of a yellow card to the player.


The FA will now have to alter their rules if they want to exact a suitable punishment for the player, but Hackett still hopes to stamp out the problem with the officials on the pitch.


"The expectation of elite referees is that they will get the major decisions right," he added.


"There is a requirement on performance and, in the main, that still applies. But I do stand up to managers and the public to say that referees are professional and accountable. Expectations of them are high.


"They are human and it's a bit like the centre forward who puts the ball over the bar when faced with an open goal. The chances are that the player won't be selected for the next game. Managers also have to understand that in refereeing the same accountability is in place."

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The scuffles & dissent would be solved with a "sin bin" system, every other team sport around has some sort of cooling off procedure. That wont stop ref's missing penalties and giving none penalties tho.


Another thing i would like to see is diving addressed after the game by the video panel, Sheff United lost 2 points last week cos St Stevie La is a furkin dirty cheat but on the video you can clearly see he dived so why not ban him after the match for affectig the result?

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Another thing to look at is have 2 referees on the field, each one looking after a half of the pitch. In Aussie Rules they used to have 1 on the field but as they play on a huge pitch they decided to go with 2 in the early 80's then went to 3 in the late 90's. There are still things missed and wrong decisions given, though it is no were near as many as would be.

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I dont think 2 ref's controling the game is a good idea but a passive referee who only gets involved with the sticky situations and off the ball incidents could be a realy good idea.


He could stand on the by line on corners & free kicks and stuff like that too!!


Can see what you're gettign at!!


No matter what something has to be done, while it is a big issue coming off the standard of the WC and the start to this season

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