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Sporting Anagrams


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Name the well known sports people from various sports.

1. Roger Benter

2. Tom Rat R.I.P.

3. Finer Android

4. Yore One yawn

5. N. Liable

6. A Sicko tailor

7. Bar a pavior

8. Roaming on ash

9. U. Bat or darts

10. Hey! Meek lies

11. Y! one gay lush

12. Park farmland

13. Yello chase

14. J. Lennon -Hogs

15. New managers

16. Major Deanness

17. Me had bad Vick

18. Thorny Jer

19. Grab thy rear

20. Save Sir E. Month

21. Saunters draws

22. Could polo win lag

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