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Funny Old Day Yesterday


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so we win a penatly. its at the park end, YES! get a video put it on youtube, only i left my camera in still image rather than video and as i was fiddling i missed the penalty, GUTTED :o


YEAH! celebrating Everton Everton Everton, is being chanted phone rings, its the other half i can't hear her!


"Where are you?"

"what you say carrie?"<Everton Everton Everton>

"where are you?"

"what?"<Everton Everton Everton>

"i'll Ring Later"

"what can you speak up i cant hear you?" <Everton>


two Season ticket holders in front look around and go


"ohh i'm sorry we'll keep the noise down for you" :P


on the soccerbus she rings rings back


"what the hell was all that screaming?"

"i was at the game"

"but liver---- OH MY GAWD YOUR AN Everton FAN?!?"




oh its gets better, she got an invite to my 18th last month as well, Guess what was

on it,


NOTE:i cant find the copy at the online megastore but similar to this just replace get well soon with "18th Party Invatation"






Women! :rolleyes:


what a weekend and i move out this week!


now i've bored you all senseless someone else tell a story!

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