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League Bans Soccer Club's New Shirts




ESSEX, England -- A soccer club in Essex England has had its new shirts banned, because they could possibly, maybe ... well, let's just say there's an outside chance they might be considered offensive.


Players with the Stambridge United team cut a sponsorship deal with British soccer enthusiast Chris Turner, who recently wrote a book of chants that fans use at soccer games. He used an age-old and popular chant -- "The Referee's a Wanker" -- as the title of the book.


In return for sponsoring the Stambridge United team, the team agreed to wear shirts with "The Referee's A Wanker" on them, which Turner purchased, in part to promote the book. The shirts have a red card -- used in soccer to send a player to the bench for committing a serious foul -- in place of the "A" in w*nker. So it seemed like a sweet deal for all concerned.




Not a chance in hell of ever wearing them for a game...................or is there. ????

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