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What's the hardest thing about being a striker?

Finding the net regularly, plain and simple. You're under constant pressure to score goals, and that pressure comes from yourself because you want to do well and not let your team-mates down. And then there's the pressure to do well for the fans.


What's the best thing about being a striker?

Scoring goals. I can't describe the feeling. I've never heard any striker describe the feeling and get it right. It's the most amazing thrill.


What's the best goal celebration you've seen?

LuaLua's acrobatics. I'd love to do that, but I reckon I'd just hurt myself!


Who's your closest friend in the England camp?

Apart from Phil Neville, I always get on well with Crouchy. We started to push for selection around the same time, and we were on the tour of the US together last summer, and obviously there's the playing in Liverpool thing, so we always have plenty to say to each other.


What's your favourite role?

I've played out on the right for England. I prefer to be an out-and-out striker, but in the modern game you have to be versatile. I can set goals up as well as score.


If you were Steve McClaren, why would you pick Andrew Johnson?

I'd say my strengths are my pace and my ability to play as a second striker or as an out-and-out striker. I've had a good start with Everton, and it has certainly sharpened my eye for goal.


How has your game improved since moving to Everton?

I feel like my game has taken a great leap forward this season. I'm finding the net and I feel sharper, and that's a lot to do with players like Mikel Arteta and Leon Osman who can do amazing things.

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