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Prince Charles


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Prince Charles is on a tour of Scotland and of course has a very busy schedule that he's trying his best to stick to. Unfortunately, things run a bit long at one stop and he has to make up time any way he can if he's to to be on time for the next gathering. So he dismisses the rest of the entourage and takes off in his car with just the driver.


They're making good time on the back roads, but His Royal Highness is still worried they're going to be late. He tells his driver to floor it, but the fella refuses to push it any further. After all, he'd heard the police in these parts were tough on speeders and didn't want to find out first-hand.


This pisses off His Highness and he orders the driver to pull over. He insists on doing the driving himself for he says no one will toss Prince Charles in jail. They take off in a cloud of dust, His Highness at the wheel, his driver cowering in the back seat.


Not long later a copper pulls them over. He strides up to the car all businesslike and mean. This lasts right up until he sees who's driving. His face pasty-white, he heads back to his car to radio in for some advice.


"Uh, let me talk to the Sgt . . . Hello, sir. Sorry to trouble you, but I have a bit of a problem. Just pulled over a speeder and it turns out he's someone quite important. How should I handle this?"


"Depends on who you got, son. Let me guess, it's the local councillor, right?"


"Uh, no Sarge, its not the local councillor".


"Bigger than that, eh? Not the manager of the football team again! And don't tell me he had another young girl with him. It's getting awful hard to keep him out of the papers, you know."


"Uh, no sir, wasn't the football manager. Someone a lot more important."


"Well, who you got, son? The Prime Minister?!"


"I don't know, sir. But whoever he is, he must be damned important because Prince Charles is his fucking driver!".

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