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I'm Lally, a palace fan, female, 19 and living in West Wilts. Seems a strange place for me to want to hang out right? An Everton forum? However, I have ulterior motives!


My youngest brother(in-law) is a massive Everton fan, but his two older brothers and dad don't like football (or any sport to that matter!) and he's never been to a game yet. So, the sucker that I am(!) I promise to take him to his first Everton match - here lies the complication - we live in Wiltshire!


I really wanted to take him to the Portsmouth game next Saturday (as it's the closest one to us down here) and he got so excited when I told him about it, but the tickets are now only available to season ticket holders - I guess limited capacity and a large away support are to blame for this?


I've come here for help in finding out the best way of getting hold of a ticket for this match or to see if anyone would be willing to help me out with this?


I'm not really sure if this kind of post is against the board rules as I can't find any others like it, but I have read them and there didn't appear to be anything saying I couldn't post this. If it's a problem, please don't hesitate to edit/remove it.


Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on how I can get my grubby little mitts on 3 tickets (2 adults 1 junior) to the Portsmouth (or Reading?) match then please contact me!


It'd make a young Evertonian very happy.






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They're like Gold dust at the Mo, you will be lucky if you can get one, have very grave doubts that you could get all three, but best of luck.

And welcome to the forum, do come back and visit us, cos the females on this forum are always looking for re-enforcements.

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Sit tight and keep watching out on the Everton website cos Pompy will definatly go on general sale by mid week due to it beeing so far away at which point you will have to call the box office and see what your options are for picking the tickets up at the ground before the game.


There is also a list of supporters clubs in the fans section, if theres one close to you it may be worth giving them a ring too.


Dont leave it late tho because we are selling out every game recently!!

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Looks like you might have to bring him up to Goodison Park Lally cos its murder trying to get hold of an away ticket for the Blues ( You never know you may become a convert :lol: ) , Goodison is looking a bi like an old shed these days but you'll love it once your in . :D


Best of luck anyway but as Goldfish said above keep an eye out on the box office all the time and you might get lucky . :)

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