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Tourette De France


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...I don't know if anybody is watching this program which is on now. It takes off from where the legendary 1989 QED documentary about to the young scottish lad who suffers from tourettes.


Anyway, John Davidson, thats the lads name, is now a care worker, and is taking 9 young, fellow, tourette sufferers to France for a trip. Kieth Allen followed them on their London Bus as they made the trip.


I know that this is not a matter which should be laughed and joked about, however, I personally find it hard not to smile when they where in london shouting obscenities at officials and people in obvious authority.


Anyway, the advert brake is over, so I have to go back and continue watching...if you can, watch it now!



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seriously though, without getting heavy or anything like that, the program although lighthearted, did actually make me understand a little more about something which, quite frankly, I just thought was amusing at first.


it seems that those who suffer from tourettes actually are quite intelligent, however they do not have any control over what they say, or how it is said.


Bizarre, but it sounds like a few members of TT and other forums! lmao!



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I have to say that the black bus driver from Ghana was such a bloke.


Despite the racists names he was being called, he dealt with it in such an understanding and sympathetic way. I personally thought that the conversation between John Davidson and the bus driver was very interesting. John Davidson explained that he was not being intentionally racist, however his tourettes makes him shout exactly what he is thinking, whether it be racist or not. Whether it be conditioning or just the way we naturally work, I do believe that white people (and it may be because we live in predominently a white society) do subconciously focus, albeit for only a moment, on a persons colour - but a little more than merely just an observation, which is what causes the tourettes to shout a racist, and usually unacceptable, comment out.


Aside from the laughs, and rest assured, I was creased at certain points in the documentary, I thought it was very informative and made me think a little. Strange that...now I need to have a rest in a dark padded room!



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