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Everton Credit Card


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Had a letter from MBNA, who operate(d) the Everton credit card to say that they're no longer going to be operating it...stays valid til it expires but then they'll send me a standard MBNA one...well pissed off :angry: ! Rarely use it (unless I pay it off in full) because the interest rate is criminal but it's a cool thing to carry in your wallet....shame.

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I worked for MBNA for the last 4 years over the summers, it's prob because they are cutting costs because they have been taken over by Bank of America. It happened in late 2005 but you still say it's MBNA calling when you ring up otherwise I suppose a customer would wonder what they have to do with Bank of America. When I worked there last year no summer get together with free ale anymore, no car sharing or bus getting incentive, lots of staff had fewer bonuses. I guess this is just another cost cutting measure :mellow:

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Mine is a mastercard Claire but there are any number of banks/institutions who operate them. Probably another issuer I'd have though, unlikely MBNA will be giving out new ones.


Probably I got a letter bowt it on saturday and sent it off the other day so its prob not MBNA or at least I hope not!!

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I was going to make a post about this too..


I think they are going to be carried on by Brittania.. who do the saver accounts..



Ideally... I'd like the club to team up with a bank and say right we can get you 10,000 new customers.. possibly to the bank of ireland who are currently lending us 28million quid. We could then have Everton bank accounts with the Everton crest on the cards, some of the money goes to the club.. plus a free money pig / Everton juniors magazine for kids accounts. ;)


http://www.britannia.co.uk/evertonfc/savin...aver/index.html (Minimum deposit £100 to open account)


http://www.britannia.co.uk/evertonfc/savin...aver/index.html - One for Joshua Mike ;) Free Money Pig :D (£1 to open)


These two are saver accounts if you're interested...

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