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Robo, forgive my blutness, but please......


F*CK OFF :blink:


Duncan was shit when he was fit, he is double shit for the discipline problems he brought with him and he is triple shit for accepting adulation he didn't earn.


If it was a joke I apologise, I don't do jokes when it comes to HIM.





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Lets give BIG DUNC a ring, get van the man whipping the the crosses in an fergie nodding em into the back of the net!!


Are you MAD!!!!!


Dunc was a waste of space from start to finish apart from that, what do you really expect to get, he can only play for about 10-15 mins I agree that we should be concerned at the lack of activity in the market considering the size of the squad and the injures we have.

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Im affraid Rob there arent tooo many Duncan fan's around here mate.


Always there's a few...but Many spell Ferguson as W>A>S>T>E>R> around these traps.


We got more out of David Weir than the aforemtnioned talisman - & ive not heard Dr Weir labelled as an Everton Legend this week ?

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