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Former Blue.....


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David Carney released last yr ( Amidst a few groans from reserve / youth team studious types - was rated a handy prospect) seems to have got over his Everton disapointments, dusted him self & got on with it.


He has excelled in the new Australian leauge for his new club Sydney FC & is they say on the cusp of the Australian Squad ( near future etc)


The lad is in Japan this week 4 the world club thingy & is deperately hoping to get the chance to have a chop @ the shiote....


Hmm Once a Blue always a may just well.....( read the young mans comments)


"Less than a year later, and on the back of arguably his best game of the season against Melbourne last weekend, he can't wait to sample the CWC. The chance to play Liverpool - his family hails from Merseyside but loyalties are split between the red half, his father Ray, and the blue half, his mother Margaret - is almost overwhelming him.


"Ever since I was born the dream has been to play against Liverpool," Carney said.


"I played them a few times at Everton, when I was in the [under] 19s and the reserves, and I played against Stephen Warnock and Steve Finnan [both included in the 23-man Liverpool squad for the CWC].


"But it's always been the dream to play with Everton against their first team. Unfortunately that wasn't to be, but now I've got the chance with Sydney. It's unbelievable, really."





Also talk that A cple of ( flush cash wise) Japanese Clubs are pondering a Mega money move for the young lad.


Good luck to you, I say.

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Just got back from England about a week ago and actually can't see how he didn't cut it in our squad when his competition was Kilbane. Carney can play both sides has vision and scores goals. Don't know why we let him go and he will move onto bigger and better things i just hope he shows his potential at this world club championships.

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