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I'm sorry people, but I'm on my work placement and bored out of my skull. Never any work for me.

Hence, why it seems I'm spamming on here which I hated when people did it and now I'm one of them, I've turned to the darkside. But I can see the attraction to it now, makes the time go a little quicker.


Lol, still better than last years work placement tho when I was constantly making cup of coffees for everyone.





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So you should be you Spammer, write out 100 times.......................i must not spam on TT.

PS.........that'll waste a bit of time. :)


OK I resisted the thought of copying and pasting it so here it is, 100 lines.




I was'nt serious, :blink: ive deleted that fifty, and i'll let you off with the other 50. :lol::lol:

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LOL I know you weren't serious but it seemed like a challenge to me and I love challenges :) but thanks for deleting them just had some fresh air and thought it was pretty stupid of me to post 50 ;) .


(know someone is gonna say I challenge you to stop spammin :P )


And about the tea...how you like it? Strong, medium or weak? :)

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