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Morning All


I was involved in setting up and running of the Born To Be Blue and agree that it will be worthwhile getting up and running once again. My good friend Jon was the main person who ran the site and did all of the technical aspects. Due to personal committments and some technical problems, it was just impossible to maintain the site on a daily basis in the end.


If there's a demand out there for the site to get back up and running again, then I'm sure with the help of a few people we can do so. Considering the site won national Fans Website of the Year in 2005, I'm sure it could be a success once again.


Let me know what people think and I'll speak with Jon




Blue Chief

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Sorry about the late reply BC..


There is something in the pipeline.. only a few days away to be honest. We'ere just waiting for a logo and we are good to go. If you would like to help us out with this project then please PM with any ideas or suggestions for content that you have :)



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