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Petition #2


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Fair enough StevO... you may have noticed that my signature is missing as I have not made up my mind yet.


We on TT seem to be a reasonable bunch.. we are waiting for facts before we start an argument.The petition is only there for those that want to sign it so that they can voice their disapproval for moving to Kirkby.


However.. despite starting the above petition.. I do want to distance myself from the pressure group (that will be taking up many headlines on Toffeeweb and NSNO in the near future and) that has recently formed, in my opinion they have rushed in without taking much notice of facts.


The club do not help things as any information regarding the stadium has not been forthcoming, they are staying behind their 'we havn't finished our plans' screens.


For example: We need clarification on what exactly is going on with the Tesco partnership - we've all heard the rumours about Tesco only getting involved because they want a store in Kirkby Town Centre unfortunately if asked I'm sure we are not likely to get a response on that.


Questions that need to be asked are along the lines of:


Who will own the stadium, Everton, Kirkby Council or Tesco? - This would have been decided already especially as Tesco have sent their surveyors to cherryfield drive already. Keith Wyness suggested it would be Everton in an open meeting but he did not categorically state it will be owned by Everton.


The land has been donated by KCC already but it still has not been confirmed exactly where it is. All we've been told is that it is near Knowsley College on Cherryfield Drive.


Furthermore no one in the pressure group has questioned their figurehead Warren Bradley's involvement.. just why is he there? Is he there as an Evertonian who wants Liverpool to remain the home for Everton or is he there as a council leader jumping on the bandwagon to ensure that Liverpool Council get their share of tax income.

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Anyone remember the "Goodison for ever" pamphlet that handed out at the final game of the season against Chelsea about 8-9 years ago?.


Same stuff about tradition v keeping up with the other teams in the Prem. This pamphlet was a referendum as to what fans really wanted to do, say whether you want a new grouns or to stay, this was under PJ so it was pretty much a snowball job, and the outcome was in favour of the move.


The Goodison "footprint" is woefully inadequate for an improvement scenario, so a move is the only logical move. FFS we are being left behind, B'ham are planning a 50,000 seater just yards away from St Andrews, do we want to be left in the wake of teams like that, in order to preserve a little dignity and not selling out?.





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Short sighted, bitter call it what you want but it's a fcuk off sammy lee NO to moving out the city limits.


We are from the city and they are the roots, what are we a bunch of fcuking romanian gypsies moving from one patch to another? 1st Anfield 2nd Walton 3rd Kirkby 4th Rainford??


I agree Goodison looks tired but to me I feel

Goodison: would not be viable to stay - why cos no one will help us financially without BK giving away some of his jewel and we can't afford to do it ourselves.

Kirkby - got nothing against Kirkby but the mear fact that it is outside the city says a lot to me. Can you stomach going to the derby with the red shite singing there's only one team in the city? I can't. Imagine them twats singing it at every opportunity? One team in the city, Bunch of Gypsie scum etc etc - no thanks.

Council - don't trust them as yet as they may be jumping on the wagon and scoring more than Pete Doherty, but in the populartity stakes. Can they find us somewhere? hope so as this would be the best option.


Everton/ Tesco/ Knowsley Council will have you believe that a move is the best and only optionth....but to whom? Terry makes a mint, so does KCC, Bill also....we/ our kids are left with the memories or ESPN highlights of a proud club from Liverpool.


Don't want to be too weird here, but to drum up support have Everton had a plan all along? reserves playing in Southport & Widnes, youth in Halewood, ground move to Knowsley - drum up support for a move away from Liverpool??? I wonder.


We are from the city and we should stay in the city

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i really dont care where we go as long as theres an L in the postcode,be it kirkby, croxteth or on my back field, as long as the ground is big,safe,secure and in an easy place to get to i couldnt really give one where they plonk it! i see where people are coming from with the whole "no to kirkby" debate, but surely its time for people to swallow their pride to progress?

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